IDOR Lead to Data Leak

Mostafa Elguerdawi
2 min readApr 18, 2024


Hello, hackers. My name is Mostafa Elguerdawi. Today, I’ll be discussing a bug I recently discovered with my friend Abdelrhman Allam (sl4x0) while hunting a few days ago.

First, we began by analyzing and understanding the functionality of the application. We discovered that it is an online gaming platform.

While starting the testing process, I visited the /profile page and then searched through the Burp History for any hidden requests.

We came across a request using the HTTP method OPTIONS.

The request contains two parameters: player_id_or_name, which accepts either the user's ID or their name, and event, which specifies the game name.

By sending the request to Repeater and changing the request method from OPTIONS to GET, I was able to retrieve a list of all the games the user has played.

I discovered that by changing the username from my own to another user’s, I was able to retrieve their data as well.

Data we found was :

  • player id(private)
  • match time
  • result(win or lose)
  • his handle at his game
  • game name

The program accepts this as a P3 issue.